Welcome to the 2022 Harvest Marching Band Festival!

Welcome to the 2022
Harvest Marching Band Festival


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Harvest Marching Band Festival

Enrollment online is preferred. Your application will be marked as received and complete once payment has been made. Also, if your band has previously participated at Harvest then using the second link below (and "logging in") fills in all of information for your school automatically - no muss, no fuss!

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Bands That Have Attended Before - Enroll in the 2022 Harvest Marching Band Festival On-line!


2022 Marching Band Festival Application in PDF format

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Judges, Finals Policy and Scoring

Map of Yakima with food locations indicated

Map of Eisenhower Campus including Contest Warmup/Performance Path

Map of Warm-Up Area "A" at Wilson Middle School

Map of Warm-Up Area "B" at Whitney Elementary School

  • Novice Division for beginners
  • Placement of bands in divisions will be determined by October 1, 2022
  • Bands will be equally divided into four divisions based on size. For example, if there are 24 bands the largest six will be in AAAA Division, the next largest six bands in the AAA Divsion, the next largest in AA Division and the smallest six in the A Division.
Just a few features that make the Harvest Band Festival special:
  • Two lined, lighted almost full-size warm-up fields.
  • Digital recordings of judge's comments.
  • A website to facilitate communication - available 24/7!
  • Outstanding Trophies!
  • Twelve Bands selected for finals
  • Judging Review Sheets after Preliminaries and Finals that include the score sub-sections of each of the nine judging categories.
  • Artifical TURF!!!!! New Lighting!!! Enhanced Pit Areas!!!li>
  • Sunshine Guaranteed! (OK, OK - probably. But we can hope can't we?)