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Harvest Marching Band Festival

Saturday, October 20, 2012
Zaepfel Stadium

Band Program Descriptions - Final

Royal High School
Royal School District
Royal City , Washington
A Division
Royal High School Marching Knights
11:00 AM

Erich Mietenkorte, Band Director

Director:  Erich O. Mietenkorte
Assistant Director & Percussion Instructor:  Shanaun Green
Color Guard Instructor:  Terrell Stephens
Pit Instructor:  Madison Stakkeland

Drum Majors: Elisa Hernandez & Nicole Schwendiman

Show Title: The Pyramids of Egypt

Music Selections:
1.        Construction
2.        The Discovery of KV62
3.        Curse of the Pharaohs

Show Description: The icons of ancient Egypt have brought amazement, wonder and sometimes danger for countless generations. This epic tale that spans millennia is masterfully crafted with recognizable harmonies, rhythms and icons.

Clarkston High School
Clarkston School District
Clarkston, Washington
A Division
Pride of Clarkston Marching Band and Color Guard
11:15 AM

Bill Legg, Band Director

The Pride's 2012 program is The Wiz: The Super Soul Musical "Wonderful Wizard of Oz." The Wiz is a musical with music and lyrics by Charlie Smalls based upon the book by William F. Brown. It is a retelling of L. Frank Baum's The Wonderful Wizard of Oz in the context of African American culture. Musical selections include Ease on down the Road, Home, Over the Rainbow, So You Wanted to see the Wizard, and Brand New Day (Everybody Rejoice). Arrangements are by Victor Lopez, Bob Lowden. Percussion arranged by Chase Williams. Drill Design is by Matt Hally and Robin White. Visual design is by Bill Legg, Matt Hally and Johanna Webb.

The Pride is under the direction of Bill Legg. Assistant Director is Nate Barham. Color Guard is under the direction of Johanna Webb, assisted by Stephanie McCracken. Percussion instructors are Richard Mathern, Matthew Grubbs, and Cameron Layes. Special thanks to Tony Trujillo.

Drum Majors are senior Timothy Flock, and Junior Jacquelyn Garcia. Guard Captains are Samantha Moris, and Scotti Blensly. Drumline captain is Dakota Lohman.

The Clarkston High School music department has a long tradition of excellence, and offers a concert band, percussion ensemble, wind ensemble, and jazz band. Clarkston is always well represented at regional festivals, and regularly sends students to state solo and small ensemble, and all state music festivals.

Sultan High School
Sultan School District
Sultan, Washington
A Division
Sultan High School Marching Band
11:30 AM

Jill Sumpter, Band Director

The Sultan High School Marching Band is proud to be performing the "Music of Styx". The band is under the direction of Jill Sumpter and assisted by Brian McNaughton. Senior Drum Majors are Makayla McNaughton and Francisco Martinez, and Color Guard Captain is Catherine Ganitch. Last fall, the band won first place in their division in four out of five competitions.

The band would like to thank the Sultan Music Parents, the Sultan School District, and the community of Sultan for their continued support.

Naches Valley High School
Naches Valley School District
Naches, Washington
AA Division
Ranger Marching Band
11:45 AM

Jeremy Freisz, Band Director

SCHOOL NAME: Naches Valley High School

Visual Coordinator- Brian Beck
Visual Technicians- Brandon Chin, Todd Cozzocrea & Nick Maupoux
Battery Technicians- Storm Woodyard & Mikey Towey
Color Guard Instructors- Lorie Holtey, Serena Morgan & Irene Ignacio
Front Ensemble Technician- Tyler Mills

AWARDS, HONORS, AND GENERAL INFORMATION about your school or band.
Harvest Fest: 2nd in A Division
Captions: Auxiliary, Percussion, Marching, Brass and Winds
Puget Sound Festival of Bands: 3rd in AA Division
Captions: Auxiliary, General Effect
DRUM MAJOR(S):_Senior Drum Major: Brittney Deaton, Junior Drum Majors: Morghan Miller &
Ben Eilts
CAPTAIN(S)Flute: Morgan Clair & Shaylynn McDonald, Clarinets: Cameron Walker, Middle Voices: Jerermiah Rath & Mathew Ellenberger, High Brass: Neil Campbell & Clayton Brester, Low Brass: Anna Cruz & Justin Warner, Drumline: Damon Wilkens, Colorguard: Natalie Clausing, Cece Schuler & Cassidy Bartley
MUSIC SELECTIONS: The Call, The Chase, Crescent Moon, and The Hunt. Composed and Arranged by Russ Newbury, Percussion Composed by Chris Newbury.
SHOW TITLE: Call of the Wild
Design: Russ Newbury
Color guard Choreography: Anna Newbury
DESCRIPTION: As Autumn approaches in the Pacific Northwest anticipation of opening day creates energy in the mountains. The night before the hunt, there is haunting calmness and peace in the air. Excitement once again grows as the sun comes to life on the opening day.

West Valley High School (Spokane)
West Valley School District
Spokane, Washington
AA Division
"Eagle" Marching Band
12:00 PM

Jim Loucks, Band Director

The West Valley High School "Eagle" Marching Band is very pleased to present its 2012 show, "Shades of Latin," for your listening and visual enjoyment.

Musical selections include:

"Land of Make Believe"
"I Know You Want Me/La Lambada"
"El Cumbanchero"

Musical Arrangements: Jay Dawson
Drill Design: Kyle Bosch

Soloists include:
Christian LaPlante (Trumpet)
Kelly Clinton (Alto Saxophone)
Kyle Hansen (Flugelhorn)

Drum Major: Molly Wachtel
Drum Line Captains: DD Cloy and Alex Stutzman
Color Guard Captains: Megan Fouts and Jenna Trinkle
Section Leaders: Suzy Prichard (High Winds), Kelly Clinton (Low Winds), Christian LaPlante (High Brass), and Connor Gore-Rogers (Low Brass)

Instructional staff includes:
Ashley Bell (Marching)
Ron and Tamara LaPlante (Field)
Kris Curtis and Becky Terry (Winds)
Ron LaPlante and Larry Pittman (Brass)
Shawn Anderson and Corey King (Battery)
Sam Wollenhaupt (Front Ensemble)
Adam Hancock, Amy Hancock and Holly Sciuto (Color Guard)

Band Director: Jim Loucks

Our students would like to give a special thank you to our great Band Booster parents for their sacrifice of time, resources and incredible support throughout the year... we could not do it without you!

Ferndale High School
Ferndale School District
Ferndale, Washington
AAA-S Division
Ferndale High School Marching Band
1:30 PM

Steve Menefee, Band Director


Many years ago a calendar was discovered in Mexico that revealed the ancient Meso-American interpretation of historical and future events. That calendar is believed by many to either end or begin a new cycle on December 21, 2012. The Ferndale Marching Band will present to you their interpretation of events as they lead up to this mysterious and uncertain date.
Lewis Norfleet - Wind Arrangement
Alan Keown - Battery Arrangement
Chris Whyte - Front Ensemble Arrangement
Bryn Bezona, and Wendy Lynch on colorguard
David Vaughns and Josiah Nelson on Percussion
Harrison Jones, Jon Cordell, Rod Nelson and Chris Morgan on Marching instruction.

Drum majors - Jamie Sweet and Ethan Levine

Hermiston High School
Hermiston School District
Hermiston, Oregon
AAA-S Division
Hermiston High School Marching Band
1:45 PM

Paul Dunsmoor, Band Director


Director of Bands  Paul Dunsmoor.

Assistant Band Director  Steve Anderson.

Shauna Holwegner - Color Guard Instructor.

Duane Carter  Percussion Instructor.

Jenna Reynolds  Pit Instructor and Field Tech.

Miranda Hunt  Field Tech.

Music Arranger  Mendel Lee

Drill Writer  Derek Bernier

DRUM MAJOR(S):Cody Hoeft and Megan Borns


    My Immortal by Evanescence

    Everlong by The Foo Fighters

SHOW TITLE: Travel This Life

This show is meant to portray a persons successful negotiation of hardship. Drab colors in the music and in the color guard gradually become brighter as the show progresses. The end symbolizes this persons celebration of the progress made, but the memories still linger and will always be there.

University High School
Central Valley School District
Spokane, Washington
AAA-S Division
University High School Marching Band and Fanfare Ensemble
2:00 PM

Mark Tietjen, Band Director

The Marching Band is under the direction of: Mark Tietjen, Director of Bands, Orchestra and Percussion.

Assistant Director and Visual Designer: Bryan Conrad

Marching and Visual Consultant: Mallory Morgan

Percussion Instructors: Rick Wallace, Chase Williams

Front Ensemble Instructors: Cris Garza, Bailey Noble

Color Guard Choreographer: Anna Newbury

Color Guard Instructor: Julene Osborn

Musical Arrangement: Russ Newbury, Chris Newbury, Nate Hunt

SHOW TITLE: Triad  A Celebration of the Mystery of the Number 3


3 is the first odd prime number and the second smallest prime. It is both the first Fermat prime and the Mersenne prime, the only number that is both, as well as the first lucky prime. A triangle is the only figure which, if all endpoints have hinges, will never change its shape unless the sides themselves are bent. 3 of the 5 regular polyhedral have triangular faces. Humans perceive white light as the mixture of three additive primary hues: red, green, and blue. Genetic information is encoded in DNA and RNA using a triplet codon system. Atoms consist of three constituents: photons, neutrons, and electrons. We perceive our universe to have three dimensions. Many world religions contain triple deities or concepts of trinity, including; the Christian Holy Trinity, the Hindu Trimurti, the 3 Jewels of Buddhism and the Three Pure Ones of Taoism. There are three main Abrahamic religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judasim. In music, the Roman numeral III is the median. The are three notes in a triad, the basic form of any chord. And of course , the Earth is the third planet in its Solar System!!!

The University High School Marching Band and Fanfare Ensemble would like to thank the continued support of the University High School Administration and of the Central Valley School District. In addition, the unwavering support of the the Instrumental Music Boosters Association, who tirelessly provide support for music at University High School.         

Chiawana High School
Pasco Schol District
Pasco, Washington
AAA-S Division
Riverhawk Marching Band
2:15 PM

Kevin Clayton, Band Director

Kevin Clayton          Director
Matt Larsen          Assistant Director
Lewis Norfleet          Music Composer
John Lack          Drill Writer
Sarah Davis          Colorguard Coach
Janelle DeVries Colorguard Coach
Matt Henderson          Percussion Coach
Jeff Chambers          Percussion Coach
Spencer Blake         Brass Coach
Esteban Zarate         Brass Coach
Omar Farias         Woodwind Coach
Rudy Guidry         Woodwind Coach
Tanner Cornell         Marching Coach

At Chiawana High School we are proud to offer a comprehensive music program that focuses on balance and success in all areas of music education. Whether you are on the marching field, a concert hall, or music festivals throughout the Northwest, Chiawana students represent their school and community with the utmost of pride, commitment, and achievement.

William Eris
Thao Luu

Jasmine Hernandez
Shea Cornell

1) The Wanderers, 2) Good Fortune, 3) The Wayfarers

The Gypsy Life

The Gypsy Life is inspired by the adventurous flavor of the music of the Mediterranean and Arabia. This intriguing palette of sounds and rhythms has its root in dance, which is a large part of the ethnic music of these regions. The first movement, Wanderlust, is full of adventurous melodic content. The show continues with Good Fortune. The final movement, The Wayfarers, brings the show to a stirring and dramatic close.

West Valley High School (Yakima)
West Valley School District
Yakima, Washington
AAA-S Division
Ram Marching Band
2:30 PM

Ron Gerhardstein, Band Director

The Ram Marching Band is under the direction of Dr. Ron Gerhardstein; junior drum major, Hannah Sturgill, and senior drum major, Troy Greif. The band staff includes Tyler Jones - visual coordinator; Dollie Dunstan  Color Guard Instructor; Mylisa Mcgill  Color Guard Assistant; Britt Dahlgrin  percussion; and Morgan Pendon  student teacher.

The marching bands 2012 field show is titled FIRE AND ICE.   

The Ram Marching Band has been awarded numerous caption and placement awards at regional and state marching band festivals. The West Valley High School band program includes three concert bands (Wind Ensemble, High School Concert Band, and Freshman Band), percusion ensemble, two jazz ensembles, the Ram Marching Band, pep band, and pit orchestra. The Ram Band members are grateful for the support of our band parents and our West Valley Community.

A.C. Davis High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
Buccaneer Marching Band
3:00 PM

Jon Conrad, Band Director

Jon Conrad, Director of Bands
Rob Nelson, Assistant Director, Visuals
Diane Davey, Assistant Director, Guard
Erik Peterson, Assistant Director, Percussion

Drum Majors: Mason Clark, Shannon Ferry, Yesenia Velasquez

Guard Captain: Lexi Hunt

You have no doubt heard the sayings: "Time is of the essence." "Time flies." "Time is money." We are a society obsessed with time, yet we are unable to slow it, stop it, or make it rewind. Our fascination with time has led to the development of varying methods of keeping track of its passage. We have gone from monumental clocks on watchtowers to small watches on our wrists. We have created clocks to wake us in the morning, program our microwave ovens and record television programs while we are away. Chronometry is a musical journey about three of the most visual methods of time keeping.

Show Title - Chronometry
Movements  Grandfather Clock, Hourglass, Stopwatch

Eisenhower High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band
3:15 PM

Dave Walter, Band Director

Instructors: Dave Walter ( Band Director), Josh Gianola (Battery), Kristy Whiting (Pit), Angle Saucedo ( Color Guard), Michael Tran (Visual), Sergio Marquez (visual), Brandon Button (Tpt. Coach)
Drum Majors: Alexis Sargent and Kaylee Lawerence
Color Guard: Nichole Murrin and JoJo Torres Captains
Band size: 68
Show title: STING
Music selections: Desert Rose, An Englishman in New York, Fragile/Message in a Bottle
Arranged by: Jay R. Rees
Drill Creator and Instructor: Bryan Bailie
Color Guard Creator and Instructor: Teena Bailie
Description: The Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band and Color Guard under the direction of Mr.Dave Walter, will perform three selections from the band STING. During Mr. Walter's tenure the Ike cadets have enjoyed a vibrant touring history, including New York, San Francisco, Great Brittan, British Columbia, Italy, Disneyland and Disney World. This Spring the band and orchestra will be touring France. The band applauds the Ike parent organization: President Lisa Sargent, Vice Stephani Kinney, Treasurer Donna Feltrup, Secretary Cheryl Sauer and the other outstanding band parents who have helped us with everything we do. We also acknowledge our fantastic principal Stacey Locke and the Ike administration for their ongoing support. Together students, parents and school staff make our program what it is.

Cascade High School
Everett Public Schools
Everett, Washington
AAA-L Division
Cascade Sound Marching Band and Color Guard
3:30 PM

Mark Staley, Band Director

The Cascade Sound Marching Band and Color Guard are proud to present our 2012 show titled "Adventures in Love." Inspired by the movie "Up," our show portrays the joys, romance, and adventures of love, as well as the new beginnings that arise after the loss of a loved one. Please join Cascade Sound as we embark on a journey of love and adventure.

Drum Majors: Nick Bledsoe, Michael Cizek and Molly Lindbo.

Design Staff: Mark Staley, Russ Newbury, Mitch DeGrace, Catherine Eastman, Chris Lucier and Mike Nederhood.

Visual Staff: Stephanie Reger, Jason Mahoney, Stephen Pickard and Konrad Palubicki.

Color Guard Staff: Catherine Eastman, Kyle Grozelle and Tessa Mazar.

Percussion Staff: Chris Lucier, Kevin Tsai and Mike Nederhood.

Cascade Sound Marching Band & Color Guard is proud of its long-standing tradition of excellence and in 2011 was the NWAPA Circuit AAA Class Champions.

Kamiakin High School
Kennewick School District
Kennewick, Washington
AAA-L Division
Scarlet Tide Marching Band
3:45 PM

Keith Russell, Band Director

The 2012 Scarlet Tide Marching Band

Under the field direction of Drum Majors
Lindsey Smith, Amanda Tow and Billy Eshlemen

This years band of 103 members includes:
13 Color Guard, 9 Drum Line, 16 Front Percussion, 20 Woodwinds, 32 Brass, and 3 Drum Majors, and 10 field assistants

The band is under the direction of:

Band Director Keith Russell,
Drill Design and Visual Consultation Russ Newbury,
Artistic Director and Percussion Assistant Jay Colgan,
Percussion Advisor Amanda Shuster,
Percussion Advisor Emmanuel Olaiya,
Brass Advisor Esteban Zarate,
Visual Advisor Garth Malin,
Color Guard Advisor Kristin Phillips,
Woodwind Advisor Aryk Anderson,

The 2012 Scarlet Tide presents:
A musical tribute to the magical arts!
Music composed by Jeff Chambers, with Additional percussion arrangements by Amanda Shuster

Musical Selections Include: Trap Door, Smoke and Mirrors, and The Prestige

We are dreamers, shapers, singers, and makers. We study the mysteries of sound, movement, illusion, and color. These are the tools we employ, and we know many things.

The Scarlet Tide would like to thank the Kamiakin Instrumental Music Boosters, Fans, and School Administration for their support! - Keeping the opportunity to express, create and communicate through Music is a strong component of our school experience.

Special Thanks to

Scarlet Level Sponsors Tony and Kelli Henson Family
Gold Level Sponsor Northwest Construction Service Inc.
And Brass Level Sponsors Gary and Bonnie Boehnke

Additional thanks to the following companies who have made donations on behalf our program:
Clearwater Auto Plaza, Grand Electric, Ted Brown Music, and Loving Care Daycare Center.

Hanford High School
Richland School District
Richland, Washington
AAA-L Division
Falcon Marching Band
4:00 PM

Kevin Swisher, Band Director

The 2012 Show Scarborough Faire, as presented by the Hanford High School Marching Band and Colorguard, is a reflection of images associated with our fascination of the annual return of the fair. The show paints images that, in some cases, transcend time and beckon us back to memories that may have been casually observed or personally experienced in real-time. From the first view of the fair strolling into town to the moment where we must say goodbye, Scarborough Faire is a celebration of grace, beauty, and majesty as depicted with neo through-composed musical arrangements and medieval style dancers blending modern techniques with traditional themes. Woven into the fabric of the show is the beautiful ballad Send in the Clowns.
We would like to give a special thanks to our wonderful administration who pushes us to be excellent and our amazing band parents who have created so much and worked so hard to make this years marching band even better.

Wenatchee High School
Wenatchee School District
Wenatchee, Washington
AAA-S Division
Golden Apple Marching Band and Auxiliary
4:15 PM

Jim Kovach, Band Director

Wenatchee High School Golden Apple Marching Band
Director: Jim Kovach
Assistant Director: Tim Zanol
Color Guard Advisor: Minnie Obregon
Visual Instructor: Lisa Zanol
Woodwind Technicians: Beth Jensen, Glen Carr
Brass Technicians: Larry Benoit, Erin Luebber
Percussion Technicians: Austin Kovach, Kelsey Lodge

Drum Majors: Schyler Williams, Madison Kovach, Sadie Wilson

This year the Golden Apple Marching Band presents ¡Olé!, which follows the tempestuous, perilous and thrilling corrida de toros in España. In the first stage, the tercio de varas, the matador meets his opponent, and learns of its demeanor and instinctive methods of escape. In the second stage, the tercio de banderillas, the matador reverently acknowledges the sacrifice and honor bestowed upon the bull. And lastly, the tercio de muerte is the culmination of the display of tradition and grandeur full of flair and fanfare. As egregious as the intentional harm caused to animals in the corrida may be, we recognize the cultural significance thereof. Join us as we celebrate the sights and sounds of España...¡Olé!