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Saturday, October 15, 2011
Zaepfel Stadium

Band Program Descriptions - Final

Naches Valley Middle School
Naches Valley School District
Naches, Washington
Novice Division
knight marching band
9:30 AM

Jeremy Freisz, Band Director

Drum Major: Olivia Wells
Color Guard coach/choreography: Mylisa McGill
Show Design: Jeremy Freisz

Show Title: Beach Boys Live

Song: Fun, Fun, Fun arr. Paul Murtha

Naches Valley Middle School would like to thank the administration, parents and community for their continued support!

Royal High School
Royal School District
Royal City , Washington
A Division
Royal High School Marching Knights and Color Guard
9:45 AM

Erich Mietenkorte, Band Director

Royal High School Marching Knights & Colorguard

There are those among us that believe we live each day in a world of lies, orchestrated by people pulling strings from the shadows. Gary P. Gilroy has written a clever soundtrack that encompasses the dark yet sometimes comical paranoia that accompanies this underground society of believers.

Music Selections:
FBI Files
Big Brother

Director: Erich O. Mietenkorte
Assistant Director: Shanaun Green
Colorguard & Choreography: CWU Crimson Guard & Dance, Terrell Stephens
Marching Instructors: Liz Veldhuisen & Robbie Rutherford

Drum Majors: Stefhany Guardarrama & Neil Leitz

Battery Percussion Captain: McKenzie Cochran
Pit Percussion Captain: Madison Stakkeland
Colorguard Captain: Diana Santacruz

Sultan High School
Sultan School District
Sultan, Washington
A Division
Sultan High School Marching Band
10:00 AM

Jill Sumpter, Band Director

The Sultan High School Marching Band is under the direction of Jill Sumpter, and assisted by Brian McNaughton. The senior drum majors are Tim Abt and Marty Cross. Today they will be performing "Elvis Lives! The
music of Elvis Presley".

The marching band is proud to be here today, and would like to thank the Sultan Music Parents for all that they do, and the community of Sultan for it's support.

Highland High School
Highland School District
Cowiche, Washington
A Division
Highland High School Scottie Marching Band
10:15 AM

John Straehle, Band Director

John Straehle, Band Director

School Name:
Highland High School
Highland High School Scottie Marching Band
Band Director: John Straehle
Music by: Jay Bocook
Percussion Arranged by: Will Rapp
Show Design: John Straehle

Awards, Honors, and General Information about your school and band:
2nd Place Harvest Marching Band Festival 2010, Gold Medlaist at the 2011 Spokane Lilac Parade, 1st Place at the 2011 Sunfair Parade. This years band is 35 members grades 8-11. This is Highland 10th year in competitive marching.
Drum Majors:
Dayna Wilkinson
Noah Westbay

Battery Captain:
Aaron Baughman

Show Title:

Music Selections:
AVATAR PART I: The Destruction of Hometree
AVATAR PART II: The Bioluminescence of the Night

Show Description:
Today the Highland High School Scottie Marching Band will be taking you to Pandora to the number one movie blockbuster by James Cameron; AVATAR! Music selections are AVATAR PART I: The Destruction of Hometree, AVATAR PART II: The Bioluminescence of the Night, and AVATAR PART III: War.
The Highland Band consists of 35 students grades 8 through 11 this year. They would like to thank all the parents for their support and help with this years show. They would also like to thank the cities of Cowiche and Tieton for their continued support. Sit back and enjoy the SCOTS invading Pandora, AVATAR!

Naches Valley High School
Naches Valley School District
Naches, Washington
A Division
Ranger Marching Band
10:30 AM

Jeremy Freisz, Band Director

Visual Coordinator/Designer: Brian Beck
Visual Staff: Brandon Chin, Todd Cozzocrea, Nick Maupoux
Colorguard Instructor: Lorie Holtey
Drum Instructors: Storm Woodyard, and Mike Towey
Senior Drum Majors: Lili Ramos and Rachael Bradley
Junior Drum Major: Brittney Deaton
High Brass Section Leader: Garrett Gentry
High Winds Section Leader: Rachel Simmons
Middle Voices Section Leader: Jeremiah Rath
Low Brass Section Leader: Zale Lockwood
Colorguard Captain: Serena Morgan
Drumline Captain: Damon Wilkens

"Les Miserables": The show opens with “Work Song/At the End of the Day” where a powerful force and dramatic rhythm create the feeling of suppression. The show continues with the soft and elegant melodies of “I Dreamed a Dream”. Next comes “Master of the House” with a buoyant and amusing flare. The show concludes with the soft yet spellbinding piece that is “On My Own/Do You Hear the People Sing”.

The Naches Valley Ranger Band would like to thank the Naches Valley Music Boosters, School Administration, and their community for their continued support.

A.G. West Black Hills High School
Tumwater School District
Tumwater, Washington
AA Division
Black Hills Wolf Pack Marching Band
11:00 AM

Andrew Landowski, Band Director

NAMES                                                        RESPONSIBILITIES
Andrew Landowski        Director
Keith Mitchell        Percussion Instructor
Tyra Mitchell        Guard Instructor
James Harper        Marching Instructor
Jeff Storvick        Marching Instructor
Amy Brand        Drum Major
Morgan Johnson        Drum Major
Alaina Peters        Drum Major
Stefanie Baldwin        Guard Captain
Brianna Smith        Guard Captain
Hannah Valiant        Guard Captain
Title of show      

Show description
The 2011 Wolf Pack Marching Band is proud to present "Skylines". Soaring melodies and motifs reminiscent of the big city give this show an elegant and jazzy essence that depicts the Seattle skyline at morning, noon and dusk. The Black Hills High School Marching Band and Color Guard has competed throughout the Northwest for the last ten seasons. In addition to marching band, the school offers two wind ensembles, two percussion ensembles, and a jazz band. The Wolf Pack Marching Band would like to thank the Black Hills Alliance for Music and all of the parent volunteers for their hard work and dedication this season. They would also like to thank Capitol City Press and Capital Industrial Incorporated for their generous donations.

Previous awards/history of band
2008 – Puget Sound Festival of Bands, 1st Place, AA Division
2009 – Tumwater Marching Band Festival, 1st Place, AA Division
2010 – Tumwater Marching Band Festival, 2nd Place, AAA Division


Clarkston High School
Clarkston School District
Clarkston, Washington
AA Division
Pride of Clarkston Marching Band and Color Guard
11:15 AM

Bill Legg, Band Director

In the Pride's interpretation of Gary P. Gilroy's Macabre, and innocent young girl is confronted by impish forces of darkness. She refuses to give in to the playfully mischievous characters and resists their charms. The girl instead convinces them that things might be better on the other, nicer, side. However, they are not to be persuaded; evil is just too much fun! Will she be allowed to live life in the light, or will she be overtaken by the thrill of a world that only comes out at night?

Director is Bill Legg
Assistant Director is Nate Barham
Percussion instructor is Chase Williams
Front Ensemble instructor is Cameron Layes
Color Guard instructor is Johanna Webb
Visual instructors are Matt Hally and Robin White
Additional Staff members are Richard Mathern, Tanner Henriod, Stephanie McCracken, and Tony Trujillo

Last season the Pride of Clarkston places 2nd in the AA division at the finals of the Harvest Marching Band Festival and won the people's choice award at the Auburn Veteran's day Field Show competition where they will be completing their 2011 season again this year.

Eisenhower High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band
11:30 AM

Dave Walter, Band Director

Band Director – Dave Walter
Assistant Band Director and Color Guard Caption Head – Lindsey Hoisington
Assistant Band Director and Visual Technician – Sergio Marquez
Visual Design – Brian Bailie
Color Guard Choreography and Instruction – Teena Bailie
Dance Choreography – Nikki
Percussion Caption Head – Josh Gianola
Staff Coordinator and Visual Caption Head – Calvin Fackrell
Visual Technicians – Michael Tran, and Cameron Guerrero

Total Members including guard: 86

Drum Majors – Alex Gomez-Tyler and Jesse Garcia
Senior Color Guard Captain – Samantha Anderson
Junior Color Guard Captain – Nicole Murrin

Trombone Soloist - Keelan Smith
Trumpet Soloist – Paul Cordova
Piccolo Soloist – Marlie Upton
Flute Soloist – Luz Villa

The Eisenhower Cadet Marching Band and Color Guard’s show this year is The Lion King, arranged by J. Carreira. Percussion arranged by Brian Adams. The show’s musical composition includes, “The Circle of Life,” “I Just Can’t Wait to be King,” and “King of Pride Rock.”

An upbeat representation of the broadway musical The Lion King, with a strong intense musical ending with King of Pride Rock.

The Eisenhower instrumental music department has recently traveled to Orlando, Florida. The band has previously traveled to England, Italy, New York, British Colombia and California. The music department is currently planning its travels to Paris, France in 2013.

The band and color guard would like to thank all its supporters. Without the help of Ike band parents, this program wouldn’t be as successful. A special thanks to our Principal, Stacy Locke, and Vice Principal John Gonzales for their continuous support.

1st Place, 2011 Yakima Sunfair Parade

Lilac Gold Standard Award, 2011 Spokane Torchlight Parade

2nd Place, AAA Division, 2010 Auburn Veteran’s Marching Band Competition Parade

2nd Place, AAA Division, 2010 Auburn Veteran’s Marching Band Competition Field Show

Best Auxiliary, AAA Division, 2010 Auburn Veteran’s Marching Band Competition Field Show

Best Auxiliary, 2010 Tumwater Marching Band Competition

1st Place, 2010 Sunset Festival of Bands

Best Auxiliary, 2010 Sunset Festival of Bands

A.C. Davis High School
Yakima School District
Yakima, Washington
Exhibition Division
The Buccaneer Marching Band
11:45 AM

Jon Conrad, Band Director

Jon Conrad, Director of Bands
Rob Nelson, Assistant Director, Visuals
Tom Noble, Assistant Director, Percussion Caption Head
Michael MacFarlane, Assistant Director, Guard Caption Head
Derek Gore, Woodwinds

Percussion Staff:
Geoff Smith, Snares
Aaron Colburn, Tenors
Mike Polson, Bass
Alysen Hesselroth, Front Ensemble
Hayley Ebberts, Senior Drum Major
Mason Clark, Junior Drum Major

Lexi Hunt, Color Guard
Piper Peltier, Color Guard

The A.C. Davis Music Department will travel to London and Paris in early April. This will mark their third trip to Western Europe.

This rousing depiction of the spirit of pirate legends evokes visions of the open sea, lily-livered landlubbers, and the eternal quest for swag. Ahoy, matey! Arrrrr!

Shelton High School
Shelton, Washington
AAA-S Division
High Climbers
1:00 PM

Roger Breakfield, Band Director

Drum Majors: Jake Juhl, Sabrina McGlothlin
Color Guard Captain: Lianna Hungerford
Drumline Captain: Keenan Beevans

Original Music: Lewis Norfleet
Percussion Arrangements and Instruction: Keith Mitchell
Color Guard Choreography and Instruction: Tyler McLain
Drill Design: Nick Benson

The Shelton High Climber Marching Band will present "Far East," an original composition by Lewis Norfleet. The band is a frequent performer at the Harvest Festival, winning the Sweepstakes Award in 2008.

Pasco High School
Pasco School District
Pasco, Washington
AAA-S Division
Pasco High School Marching Band
1:15 PM

Randy Bjur, Band Director

Band Director: Randy Bjur
Assistant Director: John Nelson
Percussion: James Bennett
ColorGuard: Loralee Newbury
Brass: Rudy Guidry
Instructors: Ben Moll, Omar Pulido, Julie Talbott, Ryan Hubbs, Courtney Dodge

Drum Majors: Nicole Norman, Andrea Hamel
Color Guard Captains: Denise Lazaro, Anna Frayre

Music & Drill Design: Russ Newbury
Percussion Book: Chris Newbury

Show Title: Domino
Music: 1)Domino Effect 2) Solitaire 3) The Bluff

Kennewick High School
Kennewick School District
Kennewick, Washington
AAA-S Division
Kennewick High School Pride of the Columbia Marching Band and Color Guard
1:30 PM

Brent Steinert, Band Director

Kennewick High School Lions
“Pride of the Columbia Marching Band and Color Guard”

STAFF: Please include information about your staff . . .names and titles.
Brent Steinert, Director
Russ Newbury, Composer and Drill Design
Lance Muscutt, Assistant Director
Anna Newbury, Color Guard Instructor and Choreography
Heidi Dickenson, Assistant Color Guard Instructor
Josh Peterson, Percussion Instructor
Bethany Herring, Assistant Percussion Instructor
Chase Waller, Assistant Percussion Instructor
Omar Farias, Assistant Percussion Instructor
Stephen Moses, Field Tech
Jason Talbot, Field Tech
Courtney Herom-Cobb, Field Tech
Dustin Williams, Pit Tech

AWARDS, HONORS, AND GENERAL INFORMATION about your school or band.
The Kennewick High School Marching Band parents have a long standing tradition of an amazing energy, creativity, effort, and support for marching. They are the finest parents around. Special thanks to the Kennewick High School Instrumental Music Boosters!!

Nicole Gutierrez, Senior Drum Major
Zach Garratt, Senior Drum Major
Prescott Davis, Junior Drum Major

Gabby Furniss
Brigette Miller

“Life in the Fast Lane”-Russ Newbury

“Life in the Fast Lane”


“BANDS, STAR YOUR ENGINES! The Kennewick High School Pride of the Columbia Marching Band and Color Guard is proud to present this year’s production, “Life in the Fast Lane!” The Yakima Harvest 500 kicks off the final leg of their 2011 race circuit. Feel the anticipation as the race begins, and then prepare for a wild ride of high velocity, impact, heartbreak, and triumph.   Now fasten your seatbelts, and get ready for all of the pulse-pounding action!”

Hermiston High School
Hermiston School District
Hermiston, Oregon
AAA-S Division
Hermiston High School Marching Band
1:45 PM

Kim Walker, Band Director

The Hermiston High School Marching Band has a long history of excellence. The band has more than doubled its size since 2007. In 2011, the band is 83 members strong!

The Hermiston High School Marching Band is pleased to perform their 2011 competetive field show, "Latin Fusion". "Latin Fusion" consists of three movements: "Liebertango", "Johnny's Mambo", and "Malaguena".

Staff includes Kim Walker- Band Director, Steve Anderson- Asst. Band Director, Shauna Holwegner- Color Guard Instructor, Alice Newman- Uniform Manager, Mendel Lee- Drill Designer and Music Arranger. Drum Majors are Savannah Sherer and Ashley Walchli. Color Guard Captains are Taylor Holwegner, Breanna Brause and Marissa Olivas.

Chiawana High School
Pasco Schol District
Pasco, Washington
AAA-S Division
Riverhawk Marching Band
2:00 PM

Kevin Clayton, Band Director

The Chiawana High School Riverhawk Marching Band is in only its second year and is under the student direction of Annaliza Mariscal and William Eris. In their 2010 debut, the band received many positive accolades and awards. This year, their show entitled "Life Cycles: Work, Rest, Play" depicts the activities we all go through on a daily basis. It begins with the band rising from its slumber and entering the hustle and bustle of daily work life where intense activity and productivity occupy our minds. At the conclusion of the work day we take time to rest, spending time with family and clearing our mind of the stress and anxiety of work. Finally, the percussion section introduces the concept of play. Soon the whole band joins as we celebrate the fun times in life.

The Chiawana Marching Band is one component of a balanced music program that emphasizes character, integrity, teamwork, and achievement through involvement in marching, jazz, and concert bands.

We truly hope you enjoy the 2011 Chiawana High School Riverhawk Marching Band!

Kamiakin High School
Kennewick School District
Kennewick, Washington
AAA-L Division
Scarlet Tide Marching Band
2:15 PM

Keith Russell, Band Director

The 2011 “Scarlet Tide” Marching Band

Under the field direction of Drum Majors
Tori Anderson and Sarah Blake

This year’s band of 96 members includes:
15 Color Guard, 14 Drum Line, 18 Front Percussion, 18 Woodwinds, 29 Brass, and 2 Drum Majors.

The band is under the direction of:
Keith Russell, Producer
Jay Colgan, Director and Percussion Instruction
Percussion Advisor: Amanda Shuster
Kristin Phillips, Color Guard Advisor
Julie Talbott, Color Guard Advisor
Garth Malin, Visual Instructor
Esteban Zarate, Brass Instruction
James Layman, Drill Design and Visual Consultation

The 2011 “Scarlet Tide” presents:
The Laws of Motion
A musical tribute to the rules that move us!
Music composed by Jeff Chambers.
Inertia, Acceleration, and Velocity

They say it was the legendary Apple that fell on Newton’s head that started it all. We say!
It’s ALL MUSIC to us!

The “Scarlet Tide” would like to thank the Kamiakin Instrumental Music Boosters, Fans, and School Administration for their support! - Keeping the opportunity to express, create and communicate through Music a strong component of our school experience.

Special Thanks to

Raines Electric

for sponsoring us this year at the “Scarlet” Level

Additional thanks to the following companies who have made donation on behalf our program:
Thai Spice Restaurant
1st Avenue Auto Sales
And the generous donations of musical instruments, equipment, and props by Jay Colgan and Philip Colgan.

West Valley High School (Yakima)
West Valley School District
Yakima, Washington
AAA-S Division
Ram Marching Band
2:30 PM

Ron Gerhardstein and Chris Thomas, Band Director

The West Valley High School Ram Marching band is under the co-direction of Ron Gerhardstein and Chris Thomas. The high school instrumental music program includes wind ensemble, concert band, freshman concert band, percussion ensemble, two jazz ensembles, marching band, pep band, guitar I and II, and history of jazz. Additional staff for the marching band includes Nick Benson – visual design; Dollie Dunstan – color guard instructor and choreography; Tyler Jones and Brian Beck– visual instructors; Britt Dahlgren and Yeon-Sue Yim– percussion instructors; and Maegan Ley and Madelyn Banahene – instrumental instructors. The marching band is led on the field by drum majors Linzy Mutch and Troy Greif. The marching band’s 2011 field show, Koto! has five movements – Sakura, Matsuri, Myaku, Kakkoii (percussion feature), and Koto.   The music is composed and arranged by Andrew Yozviak of Center X productions with percussion arranged by Dan DeLong.

West Valley High School instrumental ensembles traditionally earn high ratings at adjudication and competitive festivals in and around the Pacific Northwest. Recent awards for the band program include 2rd place AAA-large division at the Harvest Marching Festival (2010), best marching, and best drum major, Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival main stage performance (2010), and 3nd place AA-division at the CBC Jazz Unlimited (2011). Last spring, the members of the jazz program performed a guest artist concert with trumpeter, Terrel Stafford. The members of the Ram Marching Band would like to thank our parent boosters, school staff and administration, and our community for their wonderful support of music education in the West Valley Schools.

University High School
Central Valley School District
Spokane, Washington
AAA-S Division
University High School Marching Band and Fanfare Ensemble
2:45 PM

Mark Tietjen, Band Director

The band is under the direction of: Mark Tietjen, Director of Bands, Orchestra and Percussion.

                                    Assistant Director and Visual Designer: Bryan Conrad

`                      Marching Instructors and Visual Consultants: Brandon Campbell, Mallory Morgan

                                    Percussion Instructors: Rick Wallace, Nathan Hunt

                                    Front Ensemble Instructors: Gail Phillips, Bailey Noble

Color Guard Choreographer: D. Samuel Schlaich and Heather Schlaich

                                    Color Guard Instructor: Heather Schlaich

AWARDS, HONORS, AND GENERAL INFORMATION about your school or band.

4th Overall at the Cavalcade of Bands in Pasco, WA, with caption wins of Best Brass and Winds, Best Visual, Best General Effect and winner in the AAA-Small Division!!!

5th Overall at the Sounds of Thunder in Spokane WA, with caption wins of Best Marching, Best General Effect, Best Visual, Best Percussion and Best Brass and Winds and winner in the A Division.

4th Overall at the Harvest Marching Band Festival in Yakima, WA, with a caption win of Best Percussion Overall and winner in AAA-Small Division.

7th Overall at the Puget Sound Festival of Bands in Everett, WA with caption wins in Best Percussion, Best Brass and Winds, Best General Effect, Best Color guard, Best Music and winner of the A Division.


Anna Edlund: Drum Major and Kaytlin Schmidt: Drum Major Emeritus and Mellophone Soloist


Kaitlan Thorson-Geile:



“The Mask of Zorro”


Zorro: The Man, the Mask, the Legend

Movement I: The Mask of Zorro

Movement II: Diego’s Goodbye

Movement III: Zorro Rides Again

At a time of heavy-handed Spanish dominance in Mexico, one man rose to answer the cries of the oppressed. Upon his faithful steed Tornado, this masked avenger rode by night, bringing justice to the people of Mexico. Though his name was a mystery, his deeds were legendary. Adored by the poor and feared by the rich, he was known to all as Zorro! Join us now as we witness the exploits of Zorro: The Man, the Mask, the Legend!

Newport High School
Bellevue School District
Bellevue, Washington
AAA-L Division
Newport Pride Marching Band
3:15 PM

Meagan Roby, Band Director

Drumline instructors include Nick Crocker, Jesse Whitford, Raegan Goff, Josh Quinto, and Kit Fitzsimmons.
Guard instructor is Elaine Fite.
Drill instructors are Richard Sohn and Kelly Yingling.
Drum majors are Anna Samudovsky, Laura Colmenares, Andrew Lovett, and Julie Choi.
Newport's 2011 show is "Ka" from Cirque du Soleil, arranged by Jay Dawson.

Sumner High School
Sumner School District
Sumner, Washington
AAA-L Division
Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band
3:30 PM

Joe Carl, Band Director

The Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band is returning to the Harvest Marching Band Festival for the first time in 3 years. This group of 130 students has performed so far this fall in the Puyallup Fair Rodeo Parade and the Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival Parade in Leavenworth, where they received the 1st Place Band Award in the 4A Large Band Division. Band Staff Members include Band Director Joe Carl, Color Guard Advisor Ellen Carl and Assistant Tess Hinkleman, Drum Line Instructor Kyle Laramore and Pit Instructor Luke DeDominces. The Drum Majors for the Spartan Band are August Mendoza, Nicolle Peterson, and Hannah Nguyen (pronounced "wen"). After today, the Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band will be hosting the Sunset Festival of Bands in Sumner on Saturday October 29th and participating in the Auburn Veterans Day Parade and Field Show Competition on Saturday November 5th. Today's Show is "The Music of Styx", featuring "Mr. Roboto", "AD 1928 - Rockin' the Pasadise" and "Too Much Time on My Hands". We hope you enjoy this performance of the Sumner High School Spartan Marching Band!

Hanford High School
Richland School District
Richland, Washington
AAA-L Division
Falcon Marching Band
3:45 PM

Kevin Swisher, Band Director

Music written by Russ Newbury, Percussion written and arranged by Chris Newbury
Commissioned for, and performed by, the Hanford High School Marching Band and Colorguard

Richland, Washington

Kevin Swisher and Chris Newbury: Band Directors
Loralee Newbury: Choreographer
Kristin Swisher, Loralee Newbury, and Marissa Brown: Colorguard Instructors
Program Coordination and Drill by Russ Newbury

Dillon Miller, Martin Anderson, Peter Blake, Thompson Vou, Stephen Grindel, Brittany Kerr, and Ryan Whitehead: Brass and Visual Staff Members

Paul Hanna and Pat Hickey: Drum Majors

Katie McTighe and Lucia Antonio: Colorguard Captains

1.       Opener – “Awakenings”
2.       Percussion Feature – “Village Dance”
3.       Ballad - “ Prayer Ritual”
4.       Closer – “The Return”

“DRUM CIRCLE” represents the simplicity of life in the village. The geographical location or ethnic characterization depicted through the artistic rendering of “drum Circle” resonates, as inconsequential, in comparison to the common plight amongst tribal communities to sustain life through daily rituals including; awakening at sunrise, the work of the day, the thrill of the hunt, the blessing of harvest, the reverence of life, and celebrations at end of day.

The Hanford High School music department is proud of its tradition of excellence in every component of the program. The marching band is recipient of numerous placing and caption awards from competitions around the Pacific Northwest. The band also won the visual caption award at the Bands of America Western Regional in 2009. The Jazz program at Hanford offers four levels of Jazz instruction including our top jazz band which has won several sweepstakes awards at competitions throughout the Northwest. The concert band program regularly receives superior ratings and band members have been recognized by receiving WIAA solo and ensemble awards and placements in All State and All Northwest honor groups. We would like to send a special thanks to our Administration at Hanford for their continued support and creativity. Our success is a reflection of their leadership.

Mt. Spokane High School
Mead, Washington
AAA-L Division
Mt. Spokane "WIldcat" Marching Band
4:00 PM

Scott Jones, Band Director

Scott Jones: Director

James Layman: Marching Band Director, Visual Designer, and Visual Caption Head

Nathan Gaulke: Visual Technician

Nancy Butz: Dance Team Advisor

Lisa Meyer: Dance Team Choreographer and Instructor

Katelyn Duffy: Dance Team Choreographer and Instructor

Bryan Swenland: Front Ensemble Instructor

Cody Castor: Battery Instructor

Phil Brannan: Battery Instructor

Alex Hoffman: Drum Major

Michaela McDonald: Drum Major

Jake Sullivan: Drum Major

Music Arrangements: James Layman, Frank Sullivan

Percussion Arrangements: Christopher Grant

2011 Show: Our Flag Was Still There An American Journey

Show Description:

Show description:

Through victory and defeat
Our flag was still there

Through trials and tribulations
Our flag was still there

Through a day that will in infamy
Our flag was still there

Through that fateful day in September
Our flag was still there

Through the men and women who have served our country
Our flag was still there

This is our story. Our Journey
Our American Journey

Special Program Note:

We would like to thank all the men and women who have fought, and sacrificed so that we can live a life of freedom. We thank you, and dedicate our performance to all of you.

Wenatchee High School
Wenatchee School District
Wenatchee, Washington
AAA-S Division
The Wenatchee High School Golden Apple Marching Band and Auxiliary
4:15 PM

Jim Kovach, Band Director

The Golden Apple Marching Band
Wenatchee, WA

Director: Jim Kovach
Assistant Director: Tim Zanol
Visual Caption Head: Lisa Zanol
Visual Technician: Erin Luebber
Percussion Technicians: Austin Kovach, Mike Conrad
Woodwind Technicians: Beth Jensen, Katie Waldon
Brass Technician: Larry Benoit
Auxiliary Advisor: Minnie Obregon
Auxiliary Technicians: Pat Davis, Joe O’Connor

Drum Majors: Spencer Lund, Schyler Williams
Auxiliary Captain: Teanna Alford

Pursuing their tradition of excellence, this year the Golden Apple Marching Band presents The Machines. Creatures of metal and wire, the machines emerge to life. Witness their Construction, their awakening through Artificial Intelligence and live among them in the Machine Age.